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JACK DA RIPPER   In this custom fantasy you made your girlfriend eat a bowl of broccoli and one dozen eggs just so she can fart in your face all weekend long!

JACK DA RIPPER in red fucking LATEX! 

 these long MULTI TONED farts were hard for Santana to push out! when she farts..

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart

JACK DA RIPPER The amazing qof is back! And she is ready to make up for lost time! She is going to take you into her bedroom and fart in your face all night long!

FINAL CHAPTER! JACK DA RIPPER once again! these long MULTI TONED farts were hard for Santana to push out! when she farts..

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart

JACK DA RIPPER! While blowing them in your face Santana describes her long deep Bassy gas! Saying things like,

"why do they sound so deep? Sounds like a tuba or a trombone. That sound really makes your dick hard doesn't it? Sounds like a cow going m o o. Why do they sound like that? I know you like that sound!"

part 5- JACK DA RIPPER! this time Rocsi is back at it in TIGHT JEANS! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and with a sexy sigh of relief after every drawn out blast!

part 6- droppin' gemz like JACK DA RIPPER! your step-mom has a present for you... she is going to place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

part 6! JACK DA RIPPER type farts! Watch Rocsi place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD MORNING GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

PART 2! JACK DA RIPPER type ass in your face! Rocsi wants your FIRST FACE FART EXPERIENCE to be a good one! she tells you exactly how to take that LOUD fart to your face!

JACK DA RIPPER! Dakota Rain wants to make all your fart fetish dreams come true!  she farts for you in sexy poses in tight tight pants while dancing slow and sexy and ripping LONG DEEP RUMBLY FARTS!

JACK DA RIPPER AKA Rocsi is back at it! she wants you to BURY YOUR FACE into her big fart pillow of an ass because her stinky fart smell will stay in the pants longer for you to enjoy all of these farts were LONG AND GASSY AND AIRY!

PART 2! Dakota, a great farter like JACK DA RIPPER has placed that big round booty in your face and is filling it with LONG GASSY STINKY AIR! and her FACIAL EXPRESIONS are so sexy.. SEE PREVIEW PIC

PART 2! watch Rocsi poke out that JACK DA RIPPER sounding ass and push out EXTRA DEEP EXTRA LOW TONED bass farts in tight tight jeans!

farting loud like JACK DA RIPPER! come quickly! Your step-mom has a really big fart she wants to blow in your face!  but you must be quick cuz she as been holding these morning farts in for you all night!

THIS IS SO HOT! have you ever heard a cow go MOOOOO!? well that is what these farts sounding like! followed by a long SIGH OF RELIEF....  SO SEXY!...farting like JACK DA RIPPER one of THE GREATEST FART MODELS TO EVER WALK THE EARTH Punishing you with MEGA BLASTS SANTANA REDD is back! as she fucking PULVERIZES YOUR FACE with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  another queen is fucking BACK!

just like the original JACK DA RIPPER Rocsi is capable of some POWERFUL farts! laying on the floor in this position has her farts sounding EXTRA DEEP AND RUMBLY!

MORNING FARTS ARE THE BEST! just like JACK DA RIPPER get ready for Rocsi to rip LONG DRAWN OUT trombone farts all in your face first thing in the morning!

THESE FART SOUNDS ARE INSANE! long deep TUBA FARTS in black leather as Goddess Jenn teases you and makes you BEG FOR THEM! 

Rocsi wants you to get behind her WHILE YOU ARE WORSHIPPING HER BIG BUTT and get ready to sniff because she has a lot of stinky gas today!


"sniff it.. put your nose in the fabric of the shorts.. isn't my butt so soft?" "sniff that fart. the smell will stay for a long time in my shorts... the smell will stay for one hour.. bury your nose in that fart.. my ass will make all your stinky dreams come true.. so get ready to smell my farts all night"

PEAR SHAPED ROCSI wants you to get on your knees and get behind her while she is bent over the counter so she can blow her fucking THUNDER all in your face... but she wants you to BEG HER FOR IT!  hearing those VERY LOUD SOUNDS blasting from behind her is so fucking sexy!

SO HOT WHEN SHE DOES THIS!  Watch Sexy Santana move her dress around with BUBBLY TROMBONE SOUNDING LOW TONED FARTS that are SO POWERFUL you can see her dress moving like crazy!  in this one Santana tells you...

"wait, what? right now? you want me to fart right now? ok ok.. this is so weird, hurry get behind me.... I can't believe you want me to fart in your face? "oh yea.. fuck yea.. fuck fuck fuck" "smell that fart my farts smell just like eggs tonight.." "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good getting that out"



She gets off the couch, onto her knees on the rug with her FACE DOWN, ASS UP, while ONCE MORE FARTING WITH EVERY STEP TAKEN. I then get behind her so we can have our SPECIAL BASSY FART FILLED SEX. As soon as I enter her pussy, she lets out a moan of ecstasy, and of course one of those special bassy farts and I BEGIN TO FUCK HER. I want this fuck to be slow, so that way those bassy farts I love can slip from those luscious large ass cheeks of hers. She occasionally SLAPS her ass, while firing away more of those SPECIAL BASSY FARTS and she even occasionally glances over to me to give me a sexually charged wink. Also, during our sensual sex, she teases and praises me by saying, “You really know how to treat your sexy subject”, “You can use this pussy whenever you want now”, “I love farting during sex, honey”, “Your dick feels so good in my pussy”, “These bassy farts must feel amazing on your cock while you fuck my tight pussy”, “Don’t you just love watching my big stinky ass bouncing on you and your cock?”, “This big ass is yours baby, so do whatever you want to it”, “You want me to slap my ass for you, honey?”, “FUCK me, baby, while I fart just the way you like it, baby”, “Oh, you’re fucking the farts right out of me, honey”, “Give me that dick, honey”, etc. Hearing the words coming out of her mouth, as well as smelling and hearing those special bassy farts, I love, and seeing her big beautiful ass shifting back and forth while her pussy takes it is simply irresistible, but I keep myself from busting a nut. Eventually, she tells me that I can have her body whenever I wish, and fuck her whenever I have the desire or urge, and it is soon after this when she tells me that she wants to speed things up, but I still want to hear a few more bassy farts before I burst, so I tease her by explaining to her that she has to rip more of the bassy farts I love if she wants me to speed things up, so after a few more of those bassy BRMPHS I love, and of course a few more dirty words, I speed things up, and in reaction, she bounces and twerks her farting ass all over my cock, and tells me to smack it as she is as horny as a girl can be by now. She is very close to cumming, and now says things like, “Yes, finally you now pounding this pussy fast”, “Keep going, baby”, “I want to cum all over your nice big dick”, “I’m so close, honey”, “I’m gonna cum all over you while I fart”, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”, etc. after just 30 seconds of me speeding up our sex, SHE CLIMAXES ONCE AGAIN AND EXPLODES all over my dick, while ripping one the LONGEST FARTS she has let loose today. Mona then realizes that I haven’t emptied my load, so I thrust my dick back into her so hard and fast that it startled her, and caused a small toot to slip from her ass. After, literally a minute of a few more hard thrusts that made her ass clap and fart against me, and also after she BEGGED FOR ME TO CUM, I SHOT HALF of my creamy load DEEP INSIDE HER, and quickly pull my cock out of her immensely pleasuring pussy to SHOOT THE SECOND HALF on HER BIG BOOTY, while she farts another LONG ECSTACY FILLED FART all over my cock and balls. After our amazing fart filled intercourse, she plays with the cum on her ass, while telling me how she is glad that she can be treated by a real man who has her best interests at heart, and then ends the clip by thanking me for playing her special fantasy game, while giving me a final fart and a playful yet perverted minded wink.

in her NEW LATEX PANTS Fennixx tells you...

"are you sure? I am so nervous, what if they stink really bad??"

"I have never done this before, I can't believe you want to smell my fart. I like it though"

"Sniff it.. sniff it real slow.... I am sorry they stink.. they are kind of bad today, I hope it's ok"

playing the role of your girlfriend farting for you for the first time

Fennix is in FART SLAVE mode today! she is ripping MONSTER farts in her new latex pants right on your nose and then she wants you to eat her WET DIRTY ass after each fart so she takes her pants down for you!

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were mostly RUMBLY.  Bubbley.. kinda like that Britney Moore sound we all love!  the pants are tight on her ass so the air can BARELY ESCAPE her butt cheeks which makes for really cool sounds!


"don't move.. stay right there (fart) oh yea.. that's it (fart) fuck they feel so good coming out (fart) don't move ..don't move... keep your nose right there (fart) oh fuck yes"

she is making sexual noises.. she is REALLY enjoying farting in your face! again she says..

"yea.. yea... oh yea... ohhhhhhhh... yes baby, right there.. don't move don't move.. (fart)"

in this CUSTOM FANTASY.. you are going over the bills with FENNIXX your roommate... you are looking at them while discussing them with her... she is PAYING HER BILLS WITH FARTS!  letting you sniff a fart for EVERY BILL ON THE LIST!  she tells you...

(fart) "ok that one was for the light bill... go ahead and sniff it (fart) ok that one was for the gas bill... get your nose in there... (fart) ok that was my part of the landscaping fee..(fart) ok.. that one was for garbage pick up.. whew.. that was a stinky one.. smelled like garbage"

While blowing DEEP TROMBONE SOUNDING farts in your face Santana wants to play a game with you.  She just took a GINORMOUS DUMP and now she wants you to taste her ass and describe the taste!  She tells you all about the LOAD she just dropped saying....

"honey.. let's play a game, get behind me" "FUCK I just took the biggest fattest dump I think I ever have" "that fucker was HUGE... I know you can taste it still on my ass.. I didn't really wipe.. I wanted you to taste it.. taste my load.. I actually clogged the toilet it was so big! taste my dump.. I love when you eat my ass...tell me what I had for dinner last night.. can you taste it? eat my ass baby eat my ass" I love being dirty with you, I will be your nasty girl I will do whatever you want.. as long as you taste my butt"

Watching my CRAZY ROOMMATE dance around the apartment while doing chores is SO HILARIOUS!  she was farting like a fucking CRAZY WOMAN!!! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ! the coolest thing about this video is how fucking INCREDIBLE these farts sounding as they came EXPLODING outta her ass with every funny dance move! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ! this clip is fucking TOO FUNNY and most importantly TOO FUCKING HOT!!! THIS IS PART TWO!!