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in this CUSTOM FANTASY.. you are going over the bills with FENNIXX your roommate... you are looking at them while discussing them with her... she is PAYING HER BILLS WITH FARTS!  letting you sniff a fart for EVERY BILL ON THE LIST!  she tells you...

(fart) "ok that one was for the light bill... go ahead and sniff it (fart) ok that one was for the gas bill... get your nose in there... (fart) ok that was my part of the landscaping fee..(fart) ok.. that one was for garbage pick up.. whew.. that was a stinky one.. smelled like garbage"

AGAIN FENNIXX wants you to JERK OFF for her!  she pushes out a LONG DEEP TROMBONE FARTS!  she then "instructs" you how she wants you to stroke your cock.. first slow.. then faster..then she farts again... BRUMMMMMPPPHHH and rips another TUBA fart... her ass buried in the soft chair... PERRRRRRRRNNNNT! all the while telling you to stroke your cock!  then at the end when you are READY TO EXPLODE she drops to her knees so you can UNLOAD YOUR CUM right into her mouth!!! 

for some reason Fennixx is mad at you.. she rips AMAZING SOUNDING FARTS and tells you to "sniff it bitch"..  these PUUUUUUUUURRRRR sounding farts will make you bury your face right in there too!

While blowing DEEP TROMBONE SOUNDING farts in your face Santana wants to play a game with you.  She just took a GINORMOUS DUMP and now she wants you to taste her ass and describe the taste!  She tells you all about the LOAD she just dropped saying....

"honey.. let's play a game, get behind me" "FUCK I just took the biggest fattest dump I think I ever have" "that fucker was HUGE... I know you can taste it still on my ass.. I didn't really wipe.. I wanted you to taste it.. taste my load.. I actually clogged the toilet it was so big! taste my dump.. I love when you eat my ass...tell me what I had for dinner last night.. can you taste it? eat my ass baby eat my ass" I love being dirty with you, I will be your nasty girl I will do whatever you want.. as long as you taste my butt"

Watching my CRAZY ROOMMATE dance around the apartment while doing chores is SO HILARIOUS!  she was farting like a fucking CRAZY WOMAN!!! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ! the coolest thing about this video is how fucking INCREDIBLE these farts sounding as they came EXPLODING outta her ass with every funny dance move! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ! this clip is fucking TOO FUNNY and most importantly TOO FUCKING HOT!!! THIS IS PART TWO!!

THIS IS SO HOT!  Santana wants you to imagine laying behind her as she pushes out REALLY LOW TONED TROMBONE sounding farts in your face!  she is talking really sexy to you!  she says....

"imagine being back there, your face buried in my round ass... look at it... look how round my ass looks" (fart) "ahhh, that felt so fucking good.. and fuck... they have been smelling like eggs all day" "imagine sniffing that... your nose right in between my cheeks" (fart) "oh yea... I would fart in your face all day if you were here right now" "wow.. I can't believe they smell like that.. I can't believe that smell is coming out of me"

Fennixx is mad at you and she wants to HUMILATE you with her bassy DUCK SOUNDING farts!  she pumps her arm as she pushes out each fart and tells you... "TAKE THAT MUTHAFUCKA! NOW SNIFF IT BITCH!"

this is just a fun simple jean fart compilation where Fennixx tells you at the beginning..  "welcome to the big booty jean fart express" and she pumps her arm "choo choo" then precedes to rip BIG BERTHA type blasts over and over again in tight jeans! THIS IS PART 2!!

watch sexy Fennixx sing a song with these LONG WATERY BLASTS!  it was hard to name this clip.. so I will say it another say... these are some of the GREATEST FARTS YOU WILL EVER FUCKING HEAR!!!

MAYBE THE HOTTEST VIDEO EVER MADE!!!! Sexy Santana wants you to JERK OFF for her!  in this JOI video she first tells you to "take out your cock" then she leans to one side and pushes out a LONG DEEP TROMBONE FART then wafts the smell over to you!  she then "instructs" you how she wants you to stroke your cock.. first slow.. then faster..then she leans over again... BRUMMMMMPPPHHH and rips another TUBA fart buried into her soft chair.. next she stands up to put her ass right in your face ... PERRRRRRRRNNNNT! all the while telling you to stroke your cock!  then at the end when you are READY TO EXPLODE she drops to her knees so you can UNLOAD YOUR CUM right into her mouth!!!  again.. this is the VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!!!

Fennixx is farting just for you but BEWARE!  She says they smell just like CABBAGE and that they stink SO BAD!  you said "the stinkier the better" so she is hoping that you like the way they smell but she cautions you with every fart that they really STINK! as she brings her ass over to your face! PART 2!!

I told Fennixx to PROVE that she was the GREATEST FARTER IN GIRL FART HISTORY by making a jean fart compilation of ONLY HER BEST FARTS for an entire week!  well... THIS FUCKING COMP does prove that she is the UNDISPUTED BEST FARTER IN THE WORLD! so fucking long and bubbly.. you WON'T BELIEVE THIS!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY you come around the corner and find your hot girlfriend scrubbing the floor.  next you hear SUPER POWERFUL FART BLASTS coming from her asshole!  these farts are so fucking powerful YOU COULD SEE THE LATEX PANTS MOVE ON SOME OF THEM!!!!  these fuckers sound like they HURT coming out!  she warns you "please go in the other room I am farting like a CRAZY BITCH today and I stink" THIS IS PART 2!!

Fennixx tells you at the beginning of this clip that once again she is going for a "world record" fart!  these farts were LONG AS FUCK one of them THIRTY SECONDS! and her ass looks naked and INSANE!!


LONG RUMBLY BLUE JEAN FARTS being blown in your face over and over again!  WHEW!  you must have really pissed off Fennixx because she is BLASTING YOUR NOSE with INCREDIBLE farts.. most in the 20 second range!  she wants to PUNISH YOU so get on your knees and face the firing squad!

Fennixx is begging you to quickly get down on the floor so you can sniff her LONG BASSY farts in BLACH LEATHER!  she said they smell like ROTTEN ONION!  mmmmmmm.

THIS IS FUCKING HOT!  Sexy Santana is your new girlfriend in this CUSTOM FANTASY!  She knows you will do anything to sniff her farts so she teases you with a couple DEEP BASSY TUBA FARTS then she brings her ass over to your face so you can sniff them!  be careful.. SHE SHARTED.. look at the WET STAINS ON HER PANTIES!  then at the end of the video she gives you a POV blowjob until you CUM INSIDE HER MOUTH!

Santana wants to prove once and for all that she is the BEST EVER!  she starts the video by saying..  "I am going to show your fuckers right now why I am the fucking queen!"  then she proceeds to rip LONG DEEP BASSY BOMBS!  most of them in the 20 SECOND RANGE!!!

I love when you can hear a LONG RUMBLY FART coming out of a models ass behind her when you can see her beautiful face at the same time!  Fennixx wants you to get back there and sniff it up as she pushes all that LONG BUBBLY GOODNESS into your face!!

This clip is really simple.  Mufasa is going to fart for you... blow SMELLY burps in your face and then the two of you are going to have sex on the couch!

It is your "first date" with some new girl you met on a dating app.  she is hot but STRANGE!  she agreed to go out with you but she wants to FART and BURP in your face all night long!  Strange request.. but she is so hot you decided to go through with it!  this custom idea is HOT HOT HOT!

TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT!  You have been a bad fart boy so Santana must BURY YOU in fart!  lay down so she can gently LOWER HER ASS onto your face and rip DEEP farts on it.. farts in the 10 second range!


Fennixx tells you right away that "you will LOVE these sounds I am about to make for you" and she is not lying.. these fart sounds are PERFECT.. these sounds will get you hard!  these sounds are the reason you have "the fetish"...  YOU WILL LOVE THESE JEAN FART SOUNDS!


In this super hot pose it makes her farts sound CRAZY! These farts sounds are so fucking HOT!  RASPY, DEEP AND MULTI TONED! these fart sounds will make you ROCK HARD!

In her BRAND NEW LEGGINGS Fennixx is ready to go to FART WAR and she is ripping some of the most BUBBLY AND DISGUSTING farts you will ever hear!!  she said they smelled like BROCCULI!



FENNIXX TELLS YOU SHE IS THE BEST and she also tells you she is going to "PROVE IT IN THIS VIDEO"  with rumbly bubbly farts in her new BLACK LEGGINGS! THIS IS PART 2!!


"while laying on stomach She starts letting out a long bubbling fart. Then, she quickly grabs her ass, stops farting and looks at the camera.
“Oh, did you say something?” She tries to listen but the rest of the fart suddenly roars out of her. “Sorry.” she laughs awkwardly. “I’ve been holding them all day.” She then goes on to hold a quiet conversation with me (basically rambling) while farting her ass off. Sometimes, she’d be talking (about her day, the weather, work plans, favorite foods, or telling a story) and other times, she’d be listening (saying “yeah,” “okay,” “mhmm,” or “Exactly”). She has very long, bubbling, wet farts and has no shame with that. She farts between sentences, she farts between words, and she’ll even fart and talk at the same time. Sometimes, she’ll start letting out a long fart, pause it to say a quick word, and then let out the rest. Sometimes, she’ll let it bubble on and on uninterrupted, pushing a little harder here and there. And sometimes she’ll quickly push it out all at once like a disgusting roar. But she would rarely ever give them any attention. She’s so deep in conversation that the farting is a secondary issue for her. she just keeps farting long bubbly farts while we talk and she barely even cares that she is doing it.. she is very comfortable and natural"

Basically she is farting UP A STORM while having casual conversation with you in this HOT custom!!!


Imagine all Dakota did all day was FART IN YOUR MOUTH! that was her only purpose.  She wants you to put your mouth over her butthole every time she farts so you can taste what her farts taste like.  She tells you to "get ready" and to "open your mouth now" and asks... "how does it taste"  that is all she does for you ALL.. DAY.. LONG!

Watch sexy FENNIX pump her arm and rip fart after fart after BUBBLEY DUCK SOUNDING fart!  pumping her arm with every PARP!  having fun and breaking in her BRAND NEW LEGGINGS!


My great customer wanted a custom video from Dakota.  He wanted her to FART BUBBLY LONG FARTS in his mouth over and over again in tight leggings!  He wanted her to say a lot in the video "I am going to fart in your mouth now, please open wide, oh oh, here comes another one"  Dakota did great and her farts were VERY LONG and VERY BUBBLY!  check out this MASTERPIECE!


Super Sexy Santana Redd is back again pumping her arm with every DEEP TUBA SOUNDING fart and this time in the MAGIC BLACK LATEX PANTS!  BACK 2 BACK farts one after another.. seemed like 1000 farts!!!


Have you ever seen a hot chick rip LONG DEEP TUBA FARTS while performing the SILLOUETTE CHALLENGE!???  if you don't know what it is..  google it.  if you do you will be very horny after watching the sexy MUFASA do the FART FETISH VERSION of the famous tik tok  SILLOUETTE CHALLENGE! and this time there is a HUGE BROWN SHART in her cheeks.. but she keeps on dancing for you!!

your SUPER BEAUTIFUL girlfriend Mufasa wants you to get behind her because she has got some BAD GAS tonight! You give her a kiss then hurry behind  her ass so she can FART IN YOUR FACE! She keeps looking back at you While you are back there she is really BLASTING your face with fart after fart.. so many in your face that she is starting to worry about you! and man is she pretty!  yikes!

Debbie your FART FETISH THERAPIST promised you that eating a bunch of CHEESE and EGGS and ripping LONG FARTS and WAFTING THE SMELL over to you over and over again would cure you of your terrible fart fetish!  well it did the opposite, it did not turn you off it made your cock HARD AS HELL!  so she must let you JERK OFF INTO HER MOUTH for not curing your fart fetish ... like she promised! a deal is a deal.. right?!?

When farts are EXTRA LONG like this Debbie has to make the LQOFF!  and these farts are all on the 12 SECOND range!  she is calling your her "sweet fart boy" and blasting your fact to oblivion!

yes the queen has done plenty of dancing while farting videos... but THESE FUCKING FARTS are so incredible.. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THEM!  so fucking deep and watery... fucking DREAM FART SOUNDS that fart lovers think about before they go to bed at night!!

In this fantasy you have flown NICOLE BLAZE to your country so she could fart for you and FUCK YOU for an entire weekend!  in this clip this is the last time you will see her.. she must go back to her country now but she is going to fart for you and make that face that you like.. and have sex with you one more time before she leaves.. she tells you she does not want to "leave" and how much "fun she had" coming to visit you all they while farting like a CRAZY WOMAN while making the "lizzy queen of farts face"

The queen is known for her POWERFUL gas.. but in this one she let out her farts in a sexy SLOW RUMBLE of long multi toned puffs of bubbly air... right in your face.. in all her leggings.. with a sexy blow job ending!


FOR THE 2ND TIME...Watch sexy NICOLE BLAZE rip LONG BUBBLY FARTS while soaping and washing that big sexy ass!  She loves to dance and move and she is farting with EVERY MOVEMENT!   so fucking HOT!

The Queen is your fart fetish fantasy girl!  being sexy and cute for you and ripping LONG WET RIPPERS!  she is your fantasy.. she is fun.. she loves your fetish and she loves farting for you!  watch her make a FART MUSIC VIDEO just for you fart lover!

Remember when girls wanted to please their men???  in this POV fantasy the QUEEN just wants to please you!  she will give you a sloppy POV blowjob and rip LONG MONSTER FARTS the whole time!!

I say THUNDER WOMAN because these Mufasa Farts are HUGE and EXPLOSIVE!  I say 2004 because this clip reminds me of the GOLDEN AGE of girls farting when all we dreamed about was seeing a SMOKING HOT girl fart for us.. and WHO is hotter than fucking MUFASA FK???

After that big holiday dinner Da-Goat-a (Dakota) is ripping such HUGE BUBBLEY farts she just had to record them for us!  problem is she is stinking up her WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE!  so her family told her to "take her farts and her camera outside"  because she was "making everyone sick" with her huge stinkers!

In this custom fantasy your new girl has AWFUL bad gas today and she has warned you how bad her farts stink!  she is embarrassed for you to smell them so she walks away every time she rips one... man they are HUGE too... if only she knew that you were secretly turned on by girls farting.. she would be shocked!

this is a simple concept HOT POSES and LONG FARTS... some of them 20 SECONDS LONG!  you will not make it thru this whole video.... I FUCKING PROMISE U!

You have made a deal with your SEXY ROOMMATE Lola Luv that she can stay at your apartment RENT FREE as long as she lets you sniff her farts whenever she has to fart.  So in this CUSTOM FANTASY you are just hanging out with her in her room.. and every time she has to rip a stinky fart she comes to do it right in your face!

FART SEX WITH DEBBIE!  Debbie wants to ride your cock and FART with each sexy stroke until you bust a big nut inside of her!  up and down PARP PARP PARP PARP... just like that.. how long can you last???

IN THIS CUSTOM FANTASY Santana squeezes into her new BLACK LATEX PANTS because she is going on a date with your dad.  she comes into the living room where you are sitting...

"hey son.. how do I look? your dad is taking me out dancing tonight" then she stops and says "wait wait" then she turns and rips a long deep fart.. then she walks over and says "sniff it son.. sniff mommies fart" "I have to get out all of this gas before your father gets here... he hates it when I fart.. so I save my farts for you.. because I know you like it.. " then she farts OVER AND OVER again in your face.. and they STINK!  later in the clip she says.."oh I hear your father outside.. gotta go.. but here is one for the road" then she rips one more stinker in your face before walking out of the door!

Santana is really horny and she wants you to fuck her GOOD tonight!  So she loaded up on gassy foods so she could fart in your face to get you SUPER HARD so the both of you can enjoy some rough POV sex!

Dakota has put on some pounds during the quarantine and she asks me every time she makes new clips.. "am I a BBW now?"  I would say she is not quite there yet.. but that ass of hers is getting BIG BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL!  these farts are so DEEP and RUMBLY it sounded like she had very tight pants on!


You walk into the kitchen and your step-mom is scrubbing the floor.. when suddenly she rips a long DEEP fart in tight jeans..  but it's the things that she says... her "taboo" words will leave you SHOCKED

"Sniff it son, I know you want to.  Don't worry your Dad is not home yet.  Go ahead and sniff it.. go on."

"Phew that one was a stinker.. go ahead.. you will love the smell.. sniff my fart. don't be ashamed.. it's ok it will be our secret forever"  then she asks you.. "do you like mommies ass?"

you put aside your feelings of shame and guilt and your get down there and BURY YOUR FACE into your STEP-MOMS jean cladded ass and sniff away.. gaining the biggest erection you ever had!!!

Your sexy friend is folding clothes in her room when you come in and are OVER WHELMED with a SULFUR FART SMELL.. she quickly warns you "I just farted a stinker in here.. you better leave I have to fart again"  you continues to stay.. she continues to fart!

You and your HOT ROOMMATE Santana Redd are just hanging out when she tells you about her horrible upset stomach.  She says her farts are "so smelly she thinks "something is wrong" and she wants you to SNIFF THEM and give your honest opinion.  so she stands up in BLACK SPANDEX and farts right in your face over and over and over again.. and they were SO BAD that you have to agree.. they are EXTRA RAUNCHY!

Sometimes my step-mom farts around me.  Its cool.. I think it is actually funny.  But today was WEIRD!  I came home and she was washing the dishes and she was in her panties which was already kinda awkward.  Then she kept farting these LONG, GASSY AIRY sounding farts.. she kept reacting like they smelled SO BAD!  She kept talking about how STINKY they were and actually asked me if I wanted to smell one?  I was actually kind of curious on how bad they were so she ripped a LONG one and brought her fart over to me.  The smell of the fart was STRONG in her panties... very intense EGGY smell.  then she went back to washing dishes until she had another one.. she walked over again so I could sniff..  I kept sniffing them.. don't know why..  is that weird???


[Scene 2]
One hour after dinner when Debbie is looking like she’s 9 months pregnant, it’s bedtime for
her son and his friend and they go upstairs. Debbie tells them... "come on boys.. lets go.. now"  and hurries them up the stairs... “You go first” Debbie says as she has a bad case
of the walking farts as she’s going up behind them.  She farts with EVERY STEP up the stairs...
In the bedroom of her son, she rolls down the curtains as she lets out another giant fart.
“Excuse me!” Debbie says, as she has some more walking farts before going back to the
door. Goodnight!
“Please read us a story” her son asks. “No, I’ll blow you out of the room if I stay” Debbie
says, right before she lets the loudest, longest thunder fart go. “I told you!” Debbie giggles
as she closes the door.
[Scene 3]
Back downstairs she has to clean the mess the two boys made. Lots of their toys are on
the floor. Debbie walks, bends, stands and leaning over the couch, farting up a storm
without any shame. lots of real long walking farts here. I wonder how many
steps she could take while farting!
When she gets a phone call, she sats down on the couch, leaning to one side and farts up
a storm during this short conversation. long moaning thunder farts while sitting on the couch!

You can just see the signs of RELIEF as Dakota TOTALLY BLASTS Miley's face with deep RUMBLY farts!  You can almost hear these farts VIBRATING Miley's cheeks and Dakota is really letting her have it today!  Miley made sure to BLAST Dakota as well farting in a sexy thong with Dakotas nose buried inside her cheeks!

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com


This was his script of what he wanted...

Debbie wanted to see if you could handle her explosive bubbly dutch oven farts, she loaded up with lots of gassy foods and can't wait to blast your face off.
What to wear:
different pairs of panties
Have big and bold face reactions
Examples of what i would like her to say:
One......Two ooooohhhhh (brrrrrrrrppp)   God DAMMMm Excuse me
Ohhh you better sniff this ive been holding this one in for awhile NOWWW HMMPPPH (BRA
Ooohhh noo... this one might  make  you passout  hmmmph (Brraapph)
Open your mouth this is gonna be an explosion baby (BRRPPPP) wheww excuse me
these farts are HUGE and SUPER POWERFUL!  she really brought this fantasy to life!!!
if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com


Wow I was hanging out with my buddy the other day and we were discussing whether or not girls farting was hot or disgusting.  Well I told my friend that I thought it was kinda hot.  anyways.. HIS MOM must have over heard our conversation because I went over to see my friend today and his MOM farted in my face in jeans!  When I got there Daniel (my friend) was not home yet. it was just his mom and she told me

"I overheard you and Daniel talking the other day.  I heard you want to sniff a fart from a hot woman.. well how about me?  I think it is interesting and I want to try it.. don't worry I won't tell Daniel"

then she began to bend over.. stick her ass in my face and BLAST AWAY farts that smelled like EGGS!!


Debbie has just arrived home from dinner with friends and she COULD NOT WAIT to get home and let out the farts she had been holding in all night!  As soon as she walked in the door BOOM the farts are so LOUD and POWERFUL she quickly tried to MUFFLE THEM with her hand because she was afraid that her friends would hear her in the other room.. BOOOOOM these are the most GIGANTIC FARTS SHE HAS EVER HAD! she lets all that gas out then takes a break.. holding her stomach.. then she walks up stairs to take a nap.. farting still the whole way!

SCENE TWO.. the same thing.. she just walked in the door from dinner and BOOOOOM that DEMON GAS hits her again.. these farts are even MORE INSANELY HUGE than the other night and they are SO LOUD .. so loud that she had to laugh at the EXTREME SOUNDS coming outta her ass!

if you would like your own custom email us at info@cworldent.com


He wanted the MOST POWERFUL farts Debbie has ever ripped.. he wanted her to eat BROCCOLI so she ate TWO WHOLE BAGS!  she as so FULL OF GAS it was INSANE!  the customer wanted her to say "it's coming.. here it comes" before every fart and he wanted to her react with ENTHUSIASM as she was pushing out these MONSTERS!  when I tell you these are some of the GREATEST FARTS EVER!!!  you must trust me!!!!

2 of my FAVORITE things in one clip!  She BURIES her ass into a pillow and rips DEEP, TUBA farts into it so the farts have that MUFFLED sound we all love and these farts were DEEP!!  and some long.. the longest one was 13 SECONDS!  and the icing on the cake.. after every fart she gives that LONG, GIRLY SIGH OF RELIEF that we all love to hear.. you just KNOW those felt good coming out.. I mean.. look at the PREVIEW PIC... that is a 13 SECOND FART.. that is ALL FART!  and the muffled sounds with make you CUM QUICK!

YOUR FART FETISH LIFE COACH is doing some INTENSE therapy with you today.  She has on TIGHT JEANS and has BURIED her ass into a leather chair so her farts are sounding VERY DEEP today..  BLUBBA LUBBA LUBBA!  sounds like her ass is BURIED IN MUD!  How much does this turn you on?? she wants to know..  so the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS make it even hotter?? she wants to know...  how about the bad smell (like spoiled milk) she WAFTS EACH FART OVER TO YOU and even sticks her BIG ASS IN YOUR FACE IN TIGHT JEANS and rips TEN SECOND BRAPPERS on your nose.. she is DETERMINED to cure you of your fart fetish!

These farts were EXPLOSIVE and very DEEP... like she had tight pants on... but she is just in panties! DEEP DEEP SOUNDS out of a very round booty!

LOOK AT DEBBIES FACE IN THE PREVIEW PIC!!!!  these are the CRAZIEST SOUNDING bubble farts you will ever hear!  they sound so WACKY that as you can see Debbie cannot stop laughing!  because she was sitting on the pillow.. in tight pants its like that POWERFUL AIR had now where to go and was TRAPPED getting out!  which made for WONDERFUL bubbly sounds! and after every fart she sticks that round huge perfect ass IN YOUR FACE so you can sniff her ROTTEN CABBAGE FARTS!  In this video she has come to YOUR COUNTRY to visit you and fart in your face for the weekend.  you have FLIED HER OUT and PAID HER TO FART in your face.. and the two of you are just visiting and enjoying each others company.

Debbie wore LOOSE FABRIC in this long fart compilation because her farts are EXTRA STINKY lately and she knows the SMELL will LINGER IN THE FABRIC so you can smell the "stink" that much longer.  She wants you to LAY BEHIND HER as she relaxes and pushes out GASSY AIRY STINKY gas right into your face... so many farts in this COMPILATION... not quite 5 thousand but DAMN.. a lot!  and at the end of this clip she wants you to PULL OUT YOUR HARD COCK so she can give you a nice SLOPPY blowjob!

Nicole is very horny and wants to masturbate.. but she is also SUPER GASSY!  Watch her push out LONG WATERY FARTS at the same time she is playing with her clit!  the farts make FUNNY SOUNDS as she JIGGLES HER PUSSY until she climaxes!  and as you can see from the PREVIEW PIC she has a REAL orgasm.. none of that fake pretending.. I love watching girls CUM FOR REAL for me!  and the LONG FUNNY SOUNDING FART SOUNDS are a nice added bonus!!

PEG THE STALLION has been eating a lot of meat lately.... which gives her awful smelling gas!  she looks back at you and says "I'm gonna make you pass out motherfucker" and precedes to blow LONG TUBA farts in your face over and over again... she positions her ass so it is RIGHT AGAINST YOUR NOSE and most of these farts are in the 15-20 second range!  She will not stop until you pass out..  then in the end she looks at you and says "haha ha, I made you pass out you weak bitch!"  those farts left you down for the count!

I told Debbie to to wear TIGHT PANTS only and deliver huge farts in them and she did not dissappoint.. because ALL these farts were in the TWENTY SECOND RANGE... yes.... ALL OF THEM!


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume
We are celebrating 15 years in business
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Your ROOMMATE Debbie is so tired of this stay at home
order.  All she does is EAT and FART and she is telling
you about this problem as the two of you sit together
and talk in the living room.  She is BORED and all of
these farts are in the 10-12 second range as you two
hang out and talk about how BORING quarantine is!


see also Disturrbia see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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us on Twitter at CWorldent

Mona says "look at this BIG WHITE PERFECT ASS" and she rips HUMONGOUS farts over and over again in your face in different sexy poses.. and a lot of them were WET and very SHARTY sounding!

see also BrattyGurlz see also jackdaripper see also Princessoffarts see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested!  Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent