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MARCH 31st 2020

NICOLE BROUGHT THE FUCKING THUNDER from her backside!  all that dancing and moving around gave her some AMAZING explosive gas!  sounded like a TEN SECOND TUBE SOLO coming outta her ass!  Man she is having fun in this one.. she looks so damned cute.. I WISH I could be back there smelling that.. frfr

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MARCH 25th 2020

After each DEEP POWERFUL fart she rips she then turns around to SMELL HER OWN FUNK and then she instructs you how to STROKE YOUR COCK for her.  She then turns around and rips another HUGE BASSIER in your face and quickly turns around to again instruct you how to JERK YOUR DICK properly.  In panties, naked and in jeans.. this boys.. if fricken HOT AS FUCK!!!

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MARCH 18th 2020

WOW Mona is BLASTING THE FUCK outta your face with POWERFUL bass rippers!  These farts sounded like they HURT COMING OUT!  and after each fart she turns around IN HER OWN STENCH and sniffs the fart and gives you her opinion of the smell!  then she shows you EXACTLY how she wants you to STROKE YOUR HARD COCK to her smelly fart.  She does this over and over again with some of the BEST FARTS SHE HAS EVER RIPPED! and then begs for you to CUM ON HER TONGUE in the very end!!

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MARCH 12th 2020

These TEN SECOND FARTS are so LONG WET AND SHARTY that you can even see the SHART in her cheeks!  but the best part is she brings her ass OVER TO YOU after each BLASTER so you can EAT IT and SNIFF IT!

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MARCH 7th 2020
I took this VERY FUNNY video of my roommate cleaning the house.  she DOES NOT know I am recording her and man she is farting like a LUNATIC while cleaning the apartment.  there is like A FART COMING OUT WITH EVERY CRAZY MOVE SHE MAKES.. she is so STRANGE it's kinda adorable.. and she had some TEN SECOND FARTS in here.. if she only knew I was recording her.. she would be so pissed!  she's CRAZY AS HELL!

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MARCH 2ND 2020
In this CANDID FART COMPILATION I think I heard a cow, a moose, a few chickens a wild hog... all kinds of WILD ANIMALS coming outta that round ass of hers... you will LOVE some of these farts sounds!

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FEBRUARY 24th 2020
Goddass Jen's jeans are very tight and her farts are having a very hard time getting out of those pants.  They sound like a wounded cow crying in pain.. and she wants you to BEG for them to be blown in your face!

see also DroppingApples see also FartyGurl see also JackDaRipper  see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts GirlsGoneGross RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

FEBRUARY 18th 2020
Mami just got home from work and once again she is letting out ALL THE HOT STINKY AIR she has been holding in all day at work.  She is also TWERKING and making her ass CLAP while she does it.  this is part there of the "after work farts" series!

see also CotDayumm see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts

FEBRUARY 10th 2020

SAKURI MAMI IS SO HOT!!  Once you see this video you will JERK OFF IMMEDIATELY!  Her BIG ASS... the DEEP LOW TONED FARTS!  this girl makes SEXY FART SOUNDS.. consistently.  You know how some models have a sexy sounding fart every no and again.. NOT MAMI.. they are all deep.. bassy and TUBA LIKE and there are a ton of them in this video.... and her HUGE ASS is so big and round.. you will be in love and you will have NO SPERM LEFT after watching Mami do her thing!!!!


Lexxxi's ass is just like a big BALLOON deflating and releasing STINKY AIR into the atmosphere!  I love when farts sound like that.. and you just know they STINK by the way they sound.. her ass looks hot too!!


In this clip sexy Lexxxi Lockhart just got home from a 12 hour day at work.. now she just wants to lay on the bed and RELAX and relieve herself of the gas she has been HOLDING IN all day long!  Pretend you are laying behind her.. rubbing her back as she lets out LONG MOOO'ING farts in your face!


A trombone, tuba, a moose call.. a cow moo'ing..  there are so many ways to describe the sexy farts coming out of Lexxxi Lockharts ass in this clip.. but I just call them DREAM FART SOUNDS!

When Lexxxi rips long bassy farts in your face she tells you to "smell em' up".  You asked for this HUGE ASS to fart in your face.. now don't complain.. don't cry.. remember YOU ASKED FOR THIS!


OMG Lexxxi Lockhart's HUGE ASS remind me if the Dinosaur BARNEY that thing is SO BIG!  and speaking of Dinosaurs her ass is ROARING like an angry T REX!  Slowly but surely climbing her way back to the top Lexxxi Lockhart will be your big booty FARTING DREAM in this clip!

DECEMBER 29th 2019

Since retiring Lexxxi Lockhart often just lays in her bed and ponders her life choices.  just relaxing and FARTING HER ASS OFF.. you can tell she feels relieved after these LONG BOMBS!


No themes here.. no custom ideas.  Just an all time great fart model turning on the camera whenever she has to fart.  It really is that simple!  Cute candid and colossal!

DECEMBER 15th 2019

 Sexy Lexxxi Lockhart has been holding in her bubbly gas all day so she can let it out in your face when she gets home from work.  She is finally home so get on your knees and receive your long rumbly prizes!

DECEMBER 9th 2019

 Lexxxi is full of WATERY EXPLOSIVE GAS... so much so that she makes a BIG MESS in her jeans towards the end.  I guess that large veggie lovers pizza did not settle too well in her tummy.


 Selena has not used the toilet in THREE DAYS she has a big dump that is STUCK and won't come out.  So of course she has RAUNCHY smelling farts right now and they are HUGE!  so get behind there and take all that THUNDER right in our nose and mouth!

NOVEMBER 25th 2019

 Back again in those tight yellow pants.. you won't believe how DEEP AND BASSY these farts were... that gas was really struggling to get out of those meaty cheeks of hers!

NOVEMBER 17th 2019

 Imagine Selena sticking her ass in a Giant jar of Mayonnaise and ripping a long fart.  That is how GULPY these farts sounded! and she said they smelled very ROTTEN.  like decaying flesh.. wish I could sniff!

NOVEMBER 10th 2019

 Poor Selena is farting so VIOLENTLY in these new jeans that she has to keep checking them for messes.  so much LONG BUBBLY GAS has her freaked about about ruining her favorite jeans.. clean up on aisle 4!!


 Once again Selena wants you to get on your knees "like a good little bitch" while she lets off all that BLUE JEAN THUNDER all in your stupid face.  Now sit there and take this like a good little fart boy!

OCTOBER 23rd 2019

Selena is being SO MEAN in this one.  She caught you looking at another fart model and she is PISSED.  she wants to be your one and only fart queen so she is so mad at you and being a BRAT.  "smell this you little bitch".. and other insulting lines like these and MAN OH MAN these farts were SO POWERFUL sounding like her ASSHOLE WAS RIPPING IN HALF!


Selena is RIPPING THIS ROOM APART with her explosive gas and she looks SO BEAUTIFUL doing it!  She wants you to BEG FOR THEM.. she wants you to SUCK THEM UP LIKE A VACUUM.. because after all you ARE her favorite little fart slave!


these LONG, MULTI-TONED WHOPPERS have such and unique sound they will leave you saying to yourself WTF??  The poor fart has SO FAR TO TRAVEL to make it outta those jeans that the final sounds are ASTOUNDING!  I can't say rumbly.. I can't say bassy.. it's like a whole new genre...lol   GURGLEY there ya go!



Selena's ass is SO HUGE that when she farts the air has SO FAR to travel that her farts always have interesting sounds.  Especially in jeans.. literally sounds like her ass is talking to you in FULL SENTENCES.  also she has to use the toilet so these FARTS IN YOUR FACE are EXTRA STINKY!


Back on duty watch Selena TWERK
out these long FLUBBERZ one by one
with no lag time.. She was really gassy
this day for some reason and that new
outfit fits her like a glove!  She LOVES
to TWERK and FART at the same time!
Not sure why.. but I thank her for her service!


Something about those BLACK latex pants
are giving Debbie incredible fart sounds!
and after every fart she bends down to
describe the smell for us!  These fart
sounds will drive you crazy I promise!


Unlike some of the other girls Penelope
actually loves having her ass being worshiped
and she is being NICE to you as she rips long
BUBBLE TASTIC farts in your nose and mouth
"sniff it good my sweet fart boy" is what she
says over and over again and she rewards
you with an INCREDIBLE POV bj at the end!


Are you ready?  man versus food.  Debbie
had 4 home made tacos with refried beans
and lots of cheese!  She has OUT OF THE
WORLD bad gas tonight!  It's just you..
and that ass.  her gassy booty.. right on
your nose!  Fart after fart after 10 SECOND

AUGUST 31st 2019

Imagine waking up to a round ass in your
face and a TEN SECOND EGGY FART being
blown right on your nose.. over and over again!
THAT is your ten second wake up call!

AUGUST 28th 2019

Debbie is your fun-loving girlfriend who farts for you whenever you want.  You want jean farts she gives you jean farts.. you want her to dance for you she will dance for you.  You want DOGGYSTYLE JEAN FARTS IN YOUR FACE... you get that too...  for her, farting in your face is FUN!

AUGUST 21st 2019

The way Debbie Disturrbed pushed out these LONG, MOOO'ING FARTS one after the other you would swear there must have been a PISSED OFF COW in her bed! and you will LOVE HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS as she pushes out PARP after PARP after LONG MOOOING PARP!  PLUS she was drinking milk which meant the farts were EXTRA STINKY!

AUGUST 14TH 2019

Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..
 SELENA LOCA does a simple fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She was able to capture some of the most OUT OF THIS
 WORLD BUBBLE-TASTIC farts that I ever heard!
  Sounded like an ALIEN INVASION coming
 outta her booty!  


SELENA LOCA has an Angry and Aggressive attitude in this video and HER FARTS have an Angry and Aggressive attitude in this one too!  She wants to relax and let out her gas.. but the farts are so HUGE and LONG that you want to sniff them.  So she is being a BRAT and letting you smell them but she is NOT happy about it.. and these GINORMOUS FARTS sound pretty angry too!

JULY 28TH 2019

Eating grounded up turkey gives Selena Loca the WORST gas ever!  Very RAUNCHY gas for some reason and it makes her farts BIG, LONG AND EXPLOSIVE!  HER ASS IS ROARING LIKE AN ANGRY GRIZZLY BEAR! and you (the teddy bear) must sit there and TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT for not treating the QUEEN like she deserves to be treated!  so who will when in this GROUND TURKEY SHOWDOWN?!

JULY 20TH 2019

There are LONG BUBBLY WATERY SOUNDS going on at Selena's house.  Is her house HAUNTED?? or are those sounds coming from her HUGE ASS!  She is cleaning.. and hanging out.. and just being silly and either there is a DEMONIC PRESENCE in her home or she got GAS LIKE A MUTHERFUCKER!  MUST SEE CLIP!!

JULY 12TH 2019

Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now and then she does a compilation for me..  when SELENA LOCA does a simple fart comp.  WATCH OUT!  She was able to capture some of the most OUT OF THIS WORLD MULTI-TONED farts that I ever heard!  Sounded like an ARMY OF ALIENS coming outta her butt!
JULY 5TH 2019

SELENA LOCA is one of the few models that can produce DEEP, RUMBLY bare-assed farts!  These farts sound like she is wearing SKIN TIGHT JEANS!  So BASSY these fart sounds will DRIVE YOU WILD and some of these bad boiz are LONG! Standing there, sticking out her ass being a BRAT as usual.. this one is a MUST SEE!

JUNE 25TH 2019

For the low price of 2500 dollars she will...

1.  Load up on Garlic, Onion, Egg and Sandwiches
2.  Meet you at a nice hotel, have a drink and visit
3.  When she feels a fart she will fart in your
face over and over again until the gas runs out.
4.  Once you are aroused she will have sex with you
5.  Just as you are ready to cum you will cum in her mouth